Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Anne and Carl Visit!

      A couple weeks ago, Anne and Carl came in town for a short visit. We would absolutely LOVE for them to move back here and show us around all the time, but in just 24 hours, we hit up quite a few hot spots that they knew about. We started out by waking up to an early arrival and bloody mary's on the patio watching our four dogs play. Then we headed to Trudy's for their famous brunch with Mexican Martinis.
     Then Carl proceeded to give us a driving tour of campus. Afterwards we stopped by the Crown and Anchor and watched plenty of "random Austin happenings" from their patio. Dogs in bars, men dressed up on the street corners playing trumpets, film crews filming in vans, and police arrests all before noon!

     Then, back to the house to rest of for the evening. Anne and Carl went to a wedding, while Justin and I met up with Carlos for a little Jazz at the Saxxon Pub. Great evening with lots of catching up. 

     Sunday morning Anne, Carl, Justin and I met up to eat with Anne's old neighbor and his wife before they hit the road. I'd love to say I have the energy to keep up with them all the time, but I can't! We'll see them again in two weeks, but this time in Fort Worth!  

Work in Progress

     Since we've moved in, we've been very busy trying to make our house a home. Justin's big project has been growing grass in the backyard. I think we've been successful, but the real truth will be if it survives the 100* weather. He has done fabulous! He researched how to do it, rented the equipment and has been back and forth between planting grass seed and fertilizer. Our water bill has been significantly higher with the strict watering regiment, but our girls are much happier with the outcome. Here's the result: 

 Almost ready for guests! 

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Mia Kelly Monk

      There is not a phone call that makes me smile more than when I see my sister calling. I am (and always have been) completely obsessed with babies. That might be how I ended up being a "baby nurse," but there is something about the ones that are related to you. I love getting updates from Amy about her beautiful baby girl, Mia Kelly. Amy used to call me for newborn advice, but now that Mia is 4 months old, my knowledge is wearing thin. She took Mia to the Pediatrician this week for her 4 mos shots and check-up. Basically, Amy is always told Mia's a perfect baby and she's a wonderful mom. Breastfeeding and growing by the books. Little Miss Mia now weighs 13 1/2 pounds and is 25 1/2 inches long. There is no doubt she is going to be tall and thin! I will hopefully be seeing them in Houston for Easter. I can't wait to see her smile in person and hear all the new baby noises. She's the most interesting person in my life. I love you Mia  

       On another note (for my family and Grandparents), Lindsay Strode has just opened her own photography business in Sugar Land. She's amazing and I wanted to share her website for you to browse through. It's fun to find out when a childhood best friend does such amazing things...enjoy!