Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Liz's Bridal Shower

Saturday I went down to Friendswood for Liz's first shower. It was thrown by some of her mom's teacher friends and they went way over the top. The house was completely decorated for Christmas with NINE Christmas trees and each room had it's own theme. Great food and beautiful decor. Liz looked adorable in her little dress and pearls! I can't say enough how excited I am that they are getting married in less than three months. We are so lucky to have them close by. I can't wait for the wedding!

On another note, Justin and I leave for Ft Worth tomorrow afternoon for my cousin Brian's wedding! I am so excited. He's the last one to get married on my mom's side, so it will be one heck of a good party. My grandparents are flying in from Mexico and my parents are flying in from Tennessee. Saturday, Amy and Mia arrive from Canyon and Sunday, we ALL drive back together to spend some time at my house for Thanksgiving. Talk about something to be thankful for!!!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

My happy little life.

     This week has been no exception to us loving Sugar Land. Justin is enjoying his job and has had the chance to do a lot of creative stuff on his own. He plays golf at least once a week, plays baseball once or twice a week, and has had the guys over several times to watch football. I have spent lots of time playing tennis with Kelly and love seeing Kyla whenever I want. Friday night we went to Cindy and Terry's house, ate dinner, and played cards like old people! After Justin's baseball game on Saturday, we went to Tim and Jacque's house for dinner and then went out in Sugar Land with some friends. After church on Sunday, we had some friends over and I cooked lunch for everyone. This week, Kyla and I took her little foster baby to the pediatrician's for her two month shots and then went to eat at Larry's!  Justin and I meet up with his parents and Kelly for dinner on Tuesday at Fajita Flatts and Wednesday at Sugar Creek. Tonight is no exception : ) Every Thursday night we eat dinner and watch all the ABC shows and it's Kelly's turn tonight. I can only imagine what she is planning on attempting to cook for us! Tomorrow morning, we play tennis again- did I mention that I am the worst player at Sugar Creek? Being young doesn't help up there! Here are a few late pics from Halloween as well...

I LOVE my dogs.

I don't know how people could ever live without a dog, or two. Sadie and Mattie, both 5 yrs old, are the funniest little things in my life. They certainly kept me sane in Austin and are now living the high life here in Sugar Land. I took them to the new Pawm Springs dog park yesterday. Although it was still very muddy, Sadie loved running with the big dogs around the pond and Mattie played fetch until she couldn't walk anymore. They have lots of play dates between our friends' dogs and the McCoy's three dogs. Mattie is the more playful instigator, and Sadie "puts up with her," even though she would rather play with stuffed toys. They are still getting used to the hard floors throughout the house- here are a few clips of our funny little girls. 

Monday, November 2, 2009

Welcome HOME!!

      The past couple of weeks has been quite the adventure! We are loving our new little house in Sugar Land after two hard weeks of unpacking, painting, repairing, replacing and redecorating. Justin and I are overwhelmed with how happy we are to be back here where we have friends and family. Now, I just have to get my parents here and life will be perfect! We just got back from dinner at Larry's. Justin is at some friends' house watching Monday Night Football and I am enjoying my first quiet night alone with our girls. Our first two weeks back in Sugar Land have been filled with dinners with our friends, golf & tennis at Sugar Creek, watching the beloved ABC shows with his parents and sister, and LOTS of home improvements. I still do not have a job yet, so I have been working hard on the house, but I will be "proactive" about the job hunt this week! Here are some before and after pictures of the house...sorry it took so long. Our second guest room, office, and master bath are still "under construction"...