Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Trinidad and Tobago

A few months ago we got the chance to travel down to Trinidad and Tobago again to see my parents. I have visited there enough times to feel like I was going back "home". I knew the airport well, the driver, directions, restaurants, things to do, the beaches, etc. However, this was the first time Justin got to join. I was so excited to show him the islands. We upgraded to first class on the way down there and we were just "giddy" about the flight! We had so much fun pretending this was a normal thing for us to do. We landed safely and Clyde and my mom picked us up. We drove back to their house with cold Carib's in hand and chatted my mom's ears off. We stayed in Trinidad for a few days- got to visit some famous beaches, had lunch at Richard's Bake and Shark, tried the local cuisine and enjoyed the culture. 

Then we headed to Tobago. Justin is not a fan of small prop planes, but there is no other way to reach the island. Although this was a short, 25 minute flights, he was nervous the whole time. 
We again, landed safely and met up with the next driver who took us to our villa. We stopped on the way and got some snacks and beverages so we could keep a fully stocked kitchen. 

While we were at Blue Waters, we did a lot of sitting on the beach, diving, kayaking, and reading. Justin took the Kayaks out one time and went around the bend and took almost an hour to get back. My mom even came out looking for us to make sure we were okay. One of the guys at the hotel explained the current to her and told her of how some couple went out, and never came back! 

Justin knocked down a coconut from the tree and after about 20 minutes of hacking into it, he finally got to the milk! 
Tobago is one of my favorite places in the world- and I don't get much happier than sitting on the rocking boat in full sun, listening to my music with a cold carib in hand. Justin and my parents went scuba diving several times, but the thought didn't even cross my mind! Out of the 459 photos (not joking) that we took, here are a few of my favorites! Maybe some day we will be able to go back there even though my parents no longer live there. Some day.



     I wish I had been better about keeping up with the blog and posting as events happened, but there just hasn't been enough time! Here is a little re-cap of some of those events that didn't get their own blog. My summer has been amazing. Justin and I are so blessed with a wonderful life. We are both enjoying our jobs- I am back in a NICU where my heart is filled with purpose and happiness. Justin is working with his dad and getting to travel the world showing off his skills as a designer. Since the beginning of summer, Justin has traveled to Dusseldorf, Germany and Amsterdam for work. He will be going to LA this week! We have been to several weddings: Sara and Ryan's wedding in Ft Worth, Katie Lars and Jack's in Houston, Jason and Kaci's in Horseshoe Bay, and Daniel and Emily's in Richmond, with a few more to come. 
     May was packed with events: Hawkeye was honored for their work at the American Diabetes Gala.
 We got the chance to visit my parents in Trinidad and Tobago for a week (blog to come!).
 I flew to New Orleans for a few days for Kaci's bachelorette party while Justin and the boys went to Las Vegas for Jason.
   The rest of the summer was also very full! Amy and Mia came to visit for a week. 

My mom came to town before she went to San Carlos. We celebrated lots of McCoy birthdays. 
We went to Halletsville with Kelly and John. 
Tricia and I played lots of tennis. 
Justin's baseball team had an awesome season. 
Cindy, Kelly and I have learned golf.

 We've had friends in town and enjoyed wonderful weddings. My sweet friend Ali had her baby at home!

 We went to Cozumel for a week with the McCoys (blog to come)! 
All of this while still working full time! As I said, we have a wonderful life and I hope we continue staying as busy as we've been. 
   My parents were able to spend a bit of time with us before they moved to Australia, which was exactly what I needed. We are now skyping to keep up with each other. Their life is even more busy than ours!

   We have lots to look forward to before the year is up- Kyla will be having her baby and more friends will announce their pregnancies. 
River trip this weekend! We have Astros tickets and Justin's baseball games. I am playing league tennis at Sugar Creek. Fredericksburg with Eric and Ashlee. Dallas to see Kaci and Jason. Our birthdays! A trip to Orlando, Florida, the holidays and whatever else we haven't even planned yet!