Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sunny San Carlos

      There is no place I love to be more than San Carlos, Mexico. After going there for 24 years, I still look forward to it as if it were my first vacation. I dream about it for a month before we go, and then we look at pictures for several months afterwards. There is something to say about a vacation that is completely stress free- no plans, no cooking, no making reservations, no clocks, no worries. A hidden gem on the Sea of Cortez. We spent a week with my parents at my grandparents house and enjoyed every minute of it. We spent most of our time at the Soggy Peso Beach Bar, floating in their pool, out on the boat or sailing. Here are some of my favorite pictures...out of the 450 that were taken! Thanks Grammy and DD for showing us how to live life and love it every day.

Sunset from their back porch
Walking back from the marina
Flying the Texas Tech flag high!
At the little market picking up some cheese!
Dancing on the beach...and yes, there was a band.
Happiest girl in the world!
My beautiful Grammy
Still the same beach after 25+ years!
The Soggy Peso (notice the bar tender)

One of MaNy StArFiSh!

I love my mom : )

Sarah is ENGAGED!

     She did it! One of my best friends said yes two weeks ago and they've set the date for January 9th. Sarah Ward is soon to be the beautiful bride of Jake Kellen. They live in Lubbock right now and plan to stay there for another year. Sarah lives up her cowgirl life on Jake's ranch as he cuts horses, and still gets to dress up and enjoy the nightlife as Jake has just released his first album as a singer. What a beautiful couple! I can only hope they move a little closer to us so we can see them often...can't wait for the wedding!