Sunday, January 30, 2011

Liz's Baby Shower

        I stole these pictures from Liz because I don't have a working camera right now (crazy...right?!) but I had to post about her baby shower. Baby Graham is due in about 6 weeks!!!! Liz had the shower at her house which made taking home all the gifts very easy! Her girlfriends in League City threw this beautiful shower for her. Most precious baby cake I have ever seen, wonderful food and a ridiculous amount of gifts! Liz and Caleb deserve this wonderful shower of love and support. I have a feeling Liz is going to have her hands cut out for her during her labor & delivery. Graham is already measuring large, and Liz is so petite to be carrying Caleb's baby! She has plans of a natural, no medication/epidural labor, so we are all praying for the best. Good luck Liz- I know you can do it. Can't wait to meet Graham!
Almost 34 weeks...
Berkeley, me and Erin
My new favorite gift to give an expectant mother is a hospital door hanger/announcement. I made this little lion hospital door hanger for one of her gifts. I really enjoyed all the painting and guessing on his weight and time of birth! These letters are removable and I included alternate numbers and letters for her to put up once Graham is here. 
Can't wait for THE call Liz!!!

Jake Kellen in Town!

     My sweet friend Sarah and her husband came to town because Jake had a show at Armadillo Palace a couple weeks ago. Sarah called up a few of our friends from nursing school and we all met up (with our husbands) to eat and then enjoy some of Jake's music. He is so easy to listen to. I caught myself humming along to songs I had never even heard of, but felt like I knew them all! It was so sweet to listen to Jake sing songs about a beautiful girl and all the lovey dovey stuff, knowing he was singing about Sarah. I loved it! I was so happy to have a reason for all of us to get together. We chatted up our end of the table while all the boys sat on the other end! We had a wonderful group of about 20, although we only got pictures of our corner. Here's a few pics from the night (thanks to Liz). Surprisingly, we stayed to the very end of the show considering Liz is pregnant and I had to work the next morning! Totally worth it, although I was very tired the next day.

Boggy Creek Airboat Ride

    Since the boys were working so hard in Orlando, Ashlee and I decided we would "treat" them to something they said they had wanted to do. The boys mentioned that an airboat ride too see alligators would be so much fun since we were in Florida. We took this literally and surprised them! We were a little worried about how cold it was outside (record low of 28*) but the girl at the front desk of our hotel said it was going to be great still and that the alligators enjoyed sunning, so the cold weather wouldn't scare them away. We totally believed her, forgetting that gators hibernate. So the boys finished with work and we gave them driving directions and a few clues as to where we were going. They were excited about a surprise adventure, however they kept saying they hoped it was not outside. We pulled up and they were not very excited. They thought we were idiots for booking us on an airboat ride when it was so cold out, and in the middle of hibernation. Well, after some convincing, we warmed up by the fire and bundled up to head out. The guides were really nice and brought out some blankets for us to use. We sat SO close to each other on the boat and tried to keep covered with the blankets. Luckily we had headphones on that acted like earmuffs! Overall, it was a good experience and now we're able to say we did it. Eric was much more of a trooper than Justin, but he was the one that thought this was a good idea to begin with! The only gators we got to see were the babies that were on property in cages : ) Here are a few least the sun was out!  

Faking smiles. 

Monday, January 24, 2011

DiSnEy WoRlD 2010

     Justin had a business trip to a convention in Orlando in December, and he so graciously decided to invite me to go with him. Another guy he works with and a long time friend, Eric and his wife Ashlee also came on the trip with us. It was a five night adventure in Orlando. Most of the days, the boys were busy working from early morning until about 5pm, so we did a lot with just the two of us, Ashley & Ashlee. We CONQUERED Disney World (and all of it's parks) in two days. We did every single roller coaster ride and main attraction. Unfortunately, the weather was not good at all. It was the coldest weather Orlando had experienced in decades and we were unprepared for this. After the first day, we went to buy the warmest jacket we could find, and all we could find was a fleece pull-over. I also intended on wearing flip flops the whole time, so I ended up having to buy tennis shoes as well! I wore boots the first day and my feet were killing me, but I wasn't dare going to complain since I was at the "Happiest Place on Earth!" The boys were able to join us for one day. Much to the advice from our friends and my sister who recommended Universal for the boys, we loved it! It was the best weather all week and the best rides of all the parks. It rained on us for an entire day as well, but it didn't stop us girls from enjoying it. We just wore the sexy ponchos and continued to fight the crowds. We were hoping the cold weather and rain would stop some people from coming, but it didn't at all. The crowds were there in full force! After the days spent at the parks, the boys would pick us up and we would head out to dinner and out on the town. We know how lucky we are to be able to join in on these business trips and are so thankful for the vacation we got out of it! Disney World/Universal Studios was awesome. Ashlee and I loved the Tower of Terror (rode it several times) and the Festival of Lights the most. It was a great vacation and a successful work trip for the boys. Here's all the pictures randomly put together from our trip:

Dinner at the Paradiso

Justin and his Irish hat!
best themed area EVER! Harry Potter...
lots of 3D rides

at the Boardwalk Hotel
Don't tell him he's not 100% Irish!
My favorite ride from childhood...and it was just as fun as I remembered!

We did the Jurasic Park water ride...after picking out the ONLY dry seats!
The Boardwalk

Grinchmas : )
The AmAzInG Festival of Lights
Hard Rock Cafe

showing his strength...

silly boys.
Runaway Mountain Roller Coaster (I think!) We rode it like 5 times.
Mapping out exactly where to go. We only had ONE day with them to see it all!
Animal Kingdom at 8am!
Universal at night

Planet Hollywood

The rain didn't stop us.

Mid day snack for the boys
Classic Epcot, except it was 26*

Okay, the rain is wearing on us. 

love him.