Sunday, December 19, 2010


I have the most wonderful husband in the world! For my birthday he surprised me with a cruise to the Atlantis in Nassau, Bahamas. It was awesome. I have to say, we were a lot of fun! We did all the social events- pub crawl to all the bars, rented scooters and attempted to drive on the left side of the road, went down all the slides and "not-so-lazy" river, participated in the pool side activities that were extremely embarrassing, gambled, stayed up late and ate spectacular meals. We did a little photo-shoot and if the pictures weren't so corny, we would have sent them out as our Christmas cards! I am so thankful I have a husband who likes these last minute surprise trips. He said he invited another couple, but the timing didn't work out, so he is keeping another trip up his sleeves! How lucky am I?! I can't wait for another trip like this one. Pure relaxation and 100% fun! These pictures are all random because it will take too long to make any sense of them. 
Enjoy...and when you're ready to go, let us know : )

perfect weather and company
US Coast Guard is everywhere! (Brian) 

The front of the ship/beginning of Pub Crawl

a million pools at Atlantis
Justin getting called out!

Mojito favorite
sea cucumber
having way too much fun on the scooter

jerk pork! Justin's favorite.
leaving South Beach

a chilton & the piano bar...lucky.

relay for pub crawl

this slide went through the shark tank!

Thanksgiving 2010

This year, Amy, Kelsey and Mia flew down and spent five days with Justin and I in Sugar Land. I was so happy that they were coming our way for Thanksgiving and Mia's 2nd birthday. Every morning was nice and slow...Amy, Mia and I would sit with our coffee/tea for over an hour, watch Mia play and plan our day. In the evenings, Mia would get her bath (enhanced with toys and glow-sticks!) and then head over to Justin for her bedtime story.

Mia "helped" cook with me for every meal. I think we might have a chef on our hands. As soon as I would walk into the kitchen, she would say "Chair for me?" and of course, I would drop whatever was in my hands so she could get up there with me. I remember helping my mom cook, so I only hope she remembers a little bit of this. 

We would then head to the park and watch Mia and the dogs run around. We headed over to the McCoy's house for Thanksgiving dinner. The boys headed over early to prep and fry the turkeys.
 The girls stayed back and made all the sides. We enjoyed a wonderful meal with Terry, Cindy, Cindy's mom, Kelly, John, Amy, Kelsey, Mia, Justin and myself. It was wonderful for everyone to be around the same table. I know how lucky I am to be able to "mix" my family. After the meal, we watched football, went out on the boat, fished a little and then came home. The next day, just as Amy and I swore we were not going to do, we went shopping...on Black Friday! However, we got some great deals and spent some time with just us. Friday night, Erin and Chase headed over and the 6 (plus Mia) chowed down on some Pappasitos and killed some "Angry Birds". 

It felt like the holidays with the cousins around, drinking, and the house decked out in decor. We stayed up too late and woke up too early, but had to decorate and start making the multiple cakes for Mia's birthday party. 
Kelsey's sister and her girls were coming over to celebrate. Mia got to be really good at opening her gifts by the end and it was so much fun to watch all the girls play. 

After the birthday party, we headed to Town Center to enjoy a glass of wine and the Christmas lights. 

The weekend went by too quickly, the Monks flew back to Canyon, the Pabody's drove back to Katy, and Justin and I were left with a very quiet house and lots of work ahead before our mini vacation! 


Mia's sad because she didn't want to leave. I didn't want her to leave either.