Monday, February 15, 2010

Caleb and Liz's Wedding

I am still attempting to recover from three wonderful days of being surrounded by friends and love. I spent Thursday getting some last minute things done for Caleb and Liz's wedding, making lots of food for the guys and being patient with the alarm guy that took 6 hours for installation! After he finally left, I packed up my car full of goodies and hit the road for Galveston to meet up with Liz and some of the bridesmaids. We spent the evening folding program, stuffing hotel bags, and staying up late piling 6 girls in the suite. The next morning, we all got ready and headed to her luncheon thrown by her Grandpaw on the Strand. Wonderful food and drinks to help warm up the very cold day. After lunch, we headed back to the hotel, changed clothes and started stripping and wiring roses. The boys got into town shortly afterwards, so it was a scramble to get everyone in their rooms and showered before we headed off to rehearsal. Saint Patricks Church is the most beautiful church I think I've ever been in. Wonderful place to get married in!! After rehearsal, we went out to the Pelican Club for dinner. Gorgeous facility with really good food. Our entire table of 8 stood up to give toasts, but Justin's toast was by far the best. He had poster size pictures and props and made the entire place laugh. I was proud he was my husband! We continued our evening up in the suite playing cards and pool and then headed out for a very late night on the town. Unfortunately, the next morning, my eleven o'clock hair appointment came VERY early and took all my strength to get through! After a morning of beauty and making sure the flowers were all done, we changed quickly and headed to get Liz dressed. Then the pictures begun. The pictures came out soooo nice, but it took a lot effort to get them. Galveston's wind chill was in the low 30*s and us girls were outside for over an hour in our short strapless dresses. Worth the pictures, but now I'm sick. I'm sitting here drinking my tea and debating calling into work, but also remembering what a wonderful weekend it was- and totally worth this cold I now have! The ceremony was almost flawless (thanks to Justin and I forgetting when to stand up, sit down, come forward, go back). We have never been in or been to a Catholic wedding and there is A LOT of moving around! The reception was at the Hotel Galvez, where we were all staying and it was perfect. Lots of dancing! Justin and I were loving how many friends made it to the wedding and what a good time it was. Liz and Caleb looked wonderful and pulled off a very nice wedding. Justin and I are thankful we have such great friendships with them. Well done Liz for all your planning and hard work! I didn't take many pictures, so here's a few from the photographer. There will be lots more to come : )

Thursday, February 11, 2010

They made it!!

Just a quick note to say my parents made it back to Trinidad & Tobago safe and sound. They got out of here just in time before the horrible, freezing cold and snowy weather hit. Doesn't this picture make you ready for summer?! I'm so glad they are happy Trinis again. We can't wait to go visit them soon. I'm off to Liz and Caleb's wedding festivities in Galveston in about an hour...should be one heck of a good party! Post back soon : )