Saturday, March 19, 2011

Spring Break with Amy & Mia

Amy invited me to come up to spend her spring break with her and Mia in Canyon...of course I said YES! 
     After working my three days, I jumped on the plane and flew up. Nice quick ride and I was greeted by my favorite face in the whole wide world. We came back to their house and enjoyed her home. I love Amy's house. It is so "clean country", relaxed and comfortable. I am still amazed at how clean she keeps her house with a two-year old running around. The weather was perfect, so we enjoyed sitting outside and playing with Mia.

Jerry, Amy's father-in-law, was flying back home, so he did a fly-over above us! Mia thinks it's completely normal to ride on planes and for everyone to have one since it's much more common here in West Texas! Mia actually yelled up at the plane "my Abe!" which is what she calls Jerry. So cute!
After enjoying the weather and chatting outside for a bit, we watched Mia enjoy her dinner, brush her teeth, and then we read a story before she went to bed. She goes to bed so nicely! I will definitely make sure Amy tells me how to do that when it's time.

The next morning was St Patty's Day. We enjoyed breakfast together while Mia had eggs and bananas with green sprinkles on top!

 I got to do Mia's hair in french braids (for you mom) and then she danced to the end of Beauty and the Beast before we packed up in the car.  

We drove just a few miles down the street to Palo Duro Canyon. 

It was gorgeous. We hiked around a bit, climbed up some hills and then went to a park. Mia is so social. She just walked up to the other kids and started talking! 

We did it!

We enjoyed a little picnic and then headed back to Amy's so Mia could get her nap in. After her nap, we played in the front yard with her neighbor, Brenna. Mia is so much fun and Amy does such a good job keeping her outside letting her play. Kelsey got home from work and joined us in the front yard. Mia and I played with my Sonic ice and the limes...she is the funniest little girl I've ever met! 

After playing outside a bit, we went inside and Mia had her dinner (spaghetti), a bath, and then time out for biting mommy! Then Mia went to bed and Amy and I got to enjoy the rest of the evening talking. 

      The next morning Amy and I were enjoying our coffee (& tea for me) in bed and I ask her what time Mia wakes up. Amy said, she wakes up, turns on the light and plays in her room until she is ready for breakfast. So, curiosity got me and I noticed Mia had turned her light on, so I peeked in her room to see what she was up to. Mia had laid all her blankets down and spread out all her "babies" on each one, then got a book and started reading to them. HOW CUTE!!! 

Buddy sits on Seis when it's cold outside!
After breakfast, we headed out shopping to the square in Canyon. Since Mia was such a good girl, Amy let her pick out a cupcake (pink of course) and then we headed to a tea room. 

After the cute tea room adventure, we drove to meet up with Kelsey and his parents at the Hereford Country Club for lunch. Amy took me by Warner Seeds so I could see the "office" and then we came back home.

hundreds of seed containers
 After napping in the car, we headed to the park. Mia ran full throttle towards the ducks and it's a good thing Amy runs fast or Mia would have been in the lake!!! 

Then she played on the playset for a long time and ran off some of her energy. She and Amy raced over and over again through the obstacles and down the slide. Mia has hysterically laughing the entire time. 

Her laugh really is contagious! 
After Amy corralled her into the car, we drove home, played in the front yard, sat in time out for who knows what, and enjoyed another dinner...finishing it up in the bath tub!

 Here are the MANY faces of Mia in the tub: 

After bathtime, it was bedtime. 

     The following day, we drove down to Lubbock to see our Grandparents. Our grandfather just had his second heart surgery and is recovering at home alone, while our Grandmother is staying at the Garrison until Granddad recovers. We started out visiting Grandmommy. The Garrison had miniature ponies visiting which thrilled Mia. It was quite entertaining. Then, we headed to the room and chatted for a long time. Mia was such a good girl the whole time and even visited with some of the neighbors. 

After visiting with Grandmommy, we picked up food from Rosa's and headed to see Granddad. Dale even came over for our visit. It was wonderful to catch up. Granddad looks wonderful and I am so lucky ALL my grandparents are doing so well and are so happy. Mia (as always) was the best form of entertainment!

After lunch, we went to pick up Amy's MacBook! Welcome to the wonderful world of Macs Amy. Mia slept a short time in the car on the way home. 

Once we got home, we enjoyed our last night together. Stayed up late talking after a wonderful home cooked meal and then slept well. The next morning, I took a joy ride on the scooter, watched Mia play in the dog bed and finally took our first picture together! 

Amy, Mia and I went to lunch and then they dropped me off at the airport. I was so sad to leave, but so thankful for the perfect visit I had with them.