Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter at the Lake!

This year for Easter we headed to Granbury with the McCoys. Cindy, Justin and I rode together with Mattie, Sadie and Harley (Kelly's dog). Luckily, I never had to sit in the back, because it was quite cramped with the dogs!
After an easy drive there, we headed to the store, loaded up with groceries and then headed poolside while Justin fired up the grill. Terry had come up earlier to visit with his parents, and Kelly & John followed about an hour after us with his dog, Penny. We enjoyed burgers and the last bit of the sun.

This is Penny!

We sat around until VERY late at night chatting it up in the backyard. Cindy and I got in the hot tub and Terry announced Justin as a partner now with Hawkeye! Great evening.

The next morning, we made a wonderful spread for breakfast, enjoyed the sun, dogs, and jet skis.
John & Kelly

Justin & I...

Then we freshened up and headed out to Granbury United Methodist Church for service. Amazing service. I had never attended a Good Friday Service before, but I hope to attend another one. After church, we went to PastaFina. This was the same place we ate at Christmas Eve...got the same parking spot, sat in the same tables, enjoyed the same company, ordered almost the exact same food...Dejavu!! Then headed back to the house, watched a movie and called it an early night.
Saturday morning we had another great breakfast and set up the days event: The Bag Tournament...double elimination.
Justin is making the bracket.

I had high hopes, but was quickly defeated by the soon to be champion. It was much more competitive than I had anticipated. Although Cindy did not win, she was definitely the most entertaining!

John was more into Penny, but still managed to win.

Mattie doesn't like Penny.

The McCoy siblings regulating.

Checking out the competition!

After John dominated us all...we opened out Easter gifts!
Kelly & I got books, Justin and John got shorts:
Strutting his stuff!

We took the jet ski's out again, fired up the boat and took a tour of the lake, and then settled into another tournament.

We have the HAPPIEST dogs on the lake, and probably in Texas!

I took out the jet ski...Justin could almost keep up with the pictures.

Kelly successfully rang the bell....a big deal around here!!!

The final games were played...

Yet again, two up, two down for me. We had a delicious dinner and then the girls stomped on the guys in Catch Phrase. Good thing we had some sort of game the girls could win!
Sunday morning, we headed up to Ft Worth to visit Terry's parents and then headed home. It was a wonderful weekend in Granbury! Big thanks to Nick & Susie : ) Love you guys.