Friday, May 27, 2011

Three Years Later...

Justin & I celebrated our three year anniversary this week : ) We could not possible be any happier. God has truly blessed us, and our life together. We are filled with love, wonderful memories, family, friends, happiness, and lots of travel! I am so grateful to have met Justin at Tech in October of 2003...and cannot believe how far we have come from that day. I did not think in a million years that the hot frat boy would one day become my husband, and someday the father of my children. As we were celebrating "low key" this week, we went out to dinner and reminisced about our wedding day. How perfect everything was for us, and how lucky we were to be surrounded by our family & friends. I went through and picked some of my favorite pictures to post to remind us of our wedding day. Here are a few:
the girls
the guys
our role models
It's official.
our families
Cigar Bar?!
the greatest of friends
Kelsey & Kelly
the Sugar Land boys
Love those KAs
One of my favorite moments of the night
Look at all those party animals that stayed to the end!
What a celebration that was! We had originally planned on spending our 3-year anniversary together by having a dinner out in Milan, but Justin didn't play by the "no gifts this year" rule, and surprised me with an iPad2! So, I ordered him all new grill gadgets & a remote controlled boat for the lake. I had to get him something too ; ) We are still planning on that nice dinner in we leave for Milan in less than one week!!!!!

A Quick Trip to Ft Worth

My mom was flying in Saturday from Australia for her 6-week "back to my girls" tour. I really wanted to surprise her, but with other circumstances going on that weekend, I didn't know if I would be able to get away. However, my sweet husband told me to go!!! So, I made a last minute phone call to my Aunt Debbie and jumped in the car. I made a quick stop along the way to pick up some kolaches & let Mattie out, and got to Ft Worth just in time to head straight to the airport. My mom's flight had landed thirty minutes early! So, I drove quickly, found a great parking spot, grabbed the leash for Mattie, and attempted to find the right gate to pick her up. The plan was for my mom to call Debbie and let her know where she was and then Debbie was going to pick her up. Sounds easy, right? Not so much. Pulling a dog around an airport, up and down escalators, construction making detours, and the time crunch made for an interesting attempt to surprise her. However, after asking three people where the heck to go and calling Debbie, I found my mom sitting outside on a bench. She kept starring at Mattie, not recognizing her (due to the lack of 5-in hair!) and didn't even notice me. I was within three feet and she finally looked up and saw me. Best. Moment. Ever. The look alone on my mom's face made that drive completely worth it!!! I definitely surprised her!
So we weaved back through the terminal and found the car and headed to Debbie's house.

Awesome timing on my mom coming in town. Brittany's brother Paul had just graduated from the US Coast Guard, so people came from out of town to celebrate. My cousin Brian & Brittany flew in from DC, Erin came up from Katy, Natalee drove in, Anne & Carl came was awesome. We had a wonderful evening.
We woke up the next morning and enjoyed sitting by the pool and talking for hours. Then, B&B came over and we had a big breakfast thanks to Debbie! As we looked around the table, we knew there were not going to be many more moments like this. Anne & Carl, Brian & Brittany, Erin, Debbie & Travis, my mom & me. I am so thankful for my family. Love them all to pieces. After breakfast & a little car tune-up thanks to Carl, I headed back home. I hate that my mom lives on the other side of the world, but I am thankful that she gets to spend lots of time here this summer. She is now visiting with my sister & Mia, and then we will all meet up in Mexico with my grandparents! How lucky are we?!