Sunday, September 25, 2011

Horseshoe Pond

Kelly & John got the families together this past weekend at the Rainbolt's ranch, "Horseshoe Pond." Halletsville is only an hour and a half away, so the drive was quick. Carol was brave enough to let the McCoys take ALL the dogs, so we had 6 dogs at the ranch for the weekend. They were very entertaining & mostly well behaved. We played with all their "toys" (shuffle board, ping pong, basketball, washers, etc), rode around in the Polaris to see the property & cows, shot the guns, ate incredibly well, laughed a lot, and enjoyed stalking John & Kelly as they took their engagement pictures. We took some family pictures, ate dinner & stayed up late chatting it up under the awesome, country star-filled sky. Great weekend & can't wait to go back in two months.

Thanks again T & C for hosting a wonderful weekend!

Pool date with Charlie!

I was in desperate need of some time with Alli & Charlie, so we headed up to Sugar Creek for an afternoon by the pool. Here's a photo recap of Charlie entertaining us. Could he be any cuter? I don't think so.

Charlie waved to every golfer who drove by!

Alli told Charlie to "give the water some love!"