Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Milan & Lake Como

I can't imagine leaving for another trip and not posting about Milan, so this is going to be a photo summary of the trip. I took over 700 pictures (no joke), so these are just a few of the good ones! Milan was awesome. We learned several things about the true Italians: their drinks are very strong, and they look at you like you're crazy when you ask for a soda with your liquor. Their "public toilets" as in bars, are holes in the ground, literally. They don't care at all about the English language. They serve tons of appetizers when you order a drink...it's awesome. They have a mass amount of umbrellas...I believe we bought a total of 9 while we were there. The subway system is amazing; Houston should have caught on. Clothes, purses, accessories, etc are expensive...much more than the US! The food is spectacular, as long as you aren't wanting any fruits or veggies. Gelato is the greatest invention. Blondes don't exist in Milan. Their churches are tucked in every few blocks or so and they are the most gorgeous buildings I have ever seen. The architecture over there makes US look like slums. Beautiful buildings and churches...I cannot explain that enough. They are so elaborate! They eat late. Lunch between 12-2, and places don't even open up for dinner until well after 7:30. Fabulous visit to Milan, Italy. The McCoy girls CONQUERED that city! As for the small towns around Lake Como (such as Bellagio), take me back. Let me spend a week there!
On our way!!
The Duomo & Galleria

We actually had to wait in line to stomp on the bull...it's supposed to be good luck!

Navigli Grande

On the train to Lake Como