Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Sugar Creek Sweet Shot Tournament 2011

What a weekend! Yet another awesome turn out at the Sugar Creek Sweet Shot Golf & Tennis Tournament. The events started Thursday and ended very late Saturday night. Unlce Matt & Aunt Kathy came into town to play with Terry & Cindy. Justin played with Tim and Kelly & I played together.
Tennis Day 1
Melinda & Cammie rocking their DTL outfits!
Teresa & Sharon looking hot!
Kathe's keeping it real.
After a wonderful first day, we headed over to JAM and hung out for hours! Here's a peak at the new store.
The dressing rooms & lounge area is pretty darn nice...
Final Rounds of Golf & Tennis...
Terry & Matt's Flight
The Results
FIRST PLACE! Aren't they cute?!
Tennis Saturday morning...
Dena & Curtis
Sharon & Teresa
Cammie & Melinda
Diane is always looking good!
Some of our flight...

After our morning break, Kelly & I decided to run over to JAM and get a new outfit. We needed to change things up to get back into our game. It worked. We played awesome Saturday afternoon in the play-offs and ended up WINNING!
John & Justin came to watch
We did it!
Lexus sponsored the tournament...this was the picture they wanted, not us, but it was fun!

We all headed home and cleaned up for the party at the club. We had a great dinner, announcements of the winners, an awesome casino night and then dancing.

Kathy & me
Jacque & Cindy
The Announcement of the Golf Winners!
Cindy & Kathy won the ladies!
Tim & Justin got second place in their flight!
Terry & Matt won first place!
For some reason, I didn't take any pictures of the casino set up, but it was so much fun. We had awesome dealers and great company. (found these from Sugar Creek's website)
We played for almost two hours! Then, I headed over to the dance floor and found all the tennis people...go figure, they were the fun ones!
Darlene & Sydney (pro)
The Diano's...adore them, even though Lito doesn't smile
(This is what we get when we ask him to smile....)
love. them.
Darlene & Christen
Sean (our pro) & Darlene
Sean & Simon letting loose
Wonderful weekend & thankful for my life.