Friday, September 25, 2009


     Justin had a surprise trip planned for Labor Day weekend- to Fredericksburg!  I loved having the entire weekend planned and not knowing what we were going to do next. We stayed at an adorable bed and breakfast called Cooks Cottage. Justin had a basket sitting inside with all my favorite things- wine, cheese, chocolate, chips and dips! 

     We did a lot of walking, talking, drinking, and eating...just what a vacation is all about. Justin had arranged for a limo to take us on a "Texas Wine Tour" all day Sunday. If this is anything like Napa Valley, I believe a Cali vacation is just my thing. 

In the limo off to the wineries!
Mapping out a plan

Inside the tasting room

Grape Creek Vineyards

 Navajo Grill

Stormy Night!

       So it hasn't rained in Austin almost ALL year long, but a couple weeks ago was a different story! Justin and I were home waiting for Kelly and her friends to get in town and the sky opened up. Sadie was hiding in the bath tub (smart dog) shaking her little tail off while Mattie and I were on the back porch enjoying a drink and watching the storm.
 All of a sudden a HUGE gust of wind and loud whistling sounds hit and I couldn't even see my feet. I ran back inside, threw my drink on the floor and had to use my entire body to shut the back door. When I looked up at Justin, his eyes were huge and he started laughing at me thinking I was over dramatic at whatever was going in our backyard. After I could see in the backyard again, we walked outside and noticed our big tree had been completely uprooted and there was debris everywhere. 

A wind tunnel had landed and swept through our street. There were trees and power lines down all around our house. Luckily, our house was not actually hit by any trees, they just got very close. However, out of the other 9 trees that had been uprooted, 4 had damaged roofs. Here's a few pics of afterwards, although they don't look nearly as bad as I remember it being : )

It's official...we're moving to Sugar Land!

So glad to finally say it, "we're moving to Sugar Land!" Although Justin and I have enjoyed living in Austin for the past year and a half, we are beside ourselves to be going back home. We are looking forward to buying a house and having our friends and family in the same town. Justin has already moved down and started work at Hawkeye, but I am still in Austin trying to part with my amazing job. I really enjoyed house hunting with Cindy, although it only lasted for a day because I fell in love with a house very quickly! We are supposed to close on October 15th, so I will post some pictures once it's finally ours. Here are two pictures from when we went down to tell Justin's parents and Kyla & Wyatt!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

River Trip 09

For Carlos' birthday, we all met in Gruene and stayed in a river house for a weekend of tubing. This is the first time we have all been back together to tube since college and it was so much fun. Many memories and old stories were brought up as we acted like we were back in college taking a road trip and playing drinking games. After tubing all day, we went to Gruene Hall and enjoyed live music. The weekend was filled with laughter and making new memories. I can't wait until Carlos' birthday next year, because he always loves to plan a good party!