Monday, December 14, 2009

Vegas Baby!

I turned 25 and we headed to Vegas!! Justin has been a few times before, but it was my first time. I was so excited to be there- the shows, shopping, spa and food! It was a wonderful mini vacation with his parents. We went to a comedian, Vinnie Favarito, Mystere (Circ Du Soleil), and a burlesque show. By far, my favorite was Mystere. I smiled the ENTIRE time and was completely amazed by the show. I will certainly be seeing more Circ Du Soleil shows in my future. Cindy and I did a lot of walking and window shopping. It was surprising very cold and rainy, so there was no sun bathing, but there was the spa! We spent a couple hours there getting facials and hopping between the different steam rooms. It was quite the experience. I felt completely pampered : ) Justin did a bit more gambling then me, which paid out well with a nice cash out and getting to play with Kicks Brooks from Brooks and Dunn! He definitely came back with a smile on his face and stories to tell. We ate very well, however Justin and I did enjoy food poisoning our last night. Not exactly good timing while you're stuck in an airport with delays! We got back just in time for me to drive to the other Houston airport and pick up Amy and Mia for our babysitting adventure. I can't wait to go back to Vegas...when it's warmer!

Justin's Birthday and Thanksgiving

Justin turned 26!! and in the usual fashion of Fajita Flats- he rode the horse like a champion!

We had Thanksgiving in our new house this year and I am proud to say it was successful! Amy and Mia were here to see the house for a night and then they flew back to Fort Worth to be at Great Wolf Lodge. Thanksgiving was just my parents, Justin and I, but we had leftovers for days. I felt like it was a test to show my parents I'm a big kid now! My parents were here for a week and we got a lot accomplished. We did some landscaping, replacing, flooring and even made time for lots of tennis and Larry's! It was so nice to have my parents here to see the house that we had already been working on so hard. I loved having my parents here and hope they will be closer to us soon.

Fondue for Two!

One of our favorite places to eat is the Melting Pot. It was one of the first dates we went on six years ago- and have been going ever since. After a week with my parents visiting, Justin's 26th birthday and just before we were heading to Vegas with his parents, we decided a few hours alone would be perfect for us. This fondue experience is a full three hours of eating and drinking in a little nook! We think it's the perfect date night for anyone.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Adventures with Mia

So that's what parenting is like....
I never could have guessed how much I laughed, doubted myself or acted like I was the one year old. Spending five days with Mia was quite the adventure. She is JUST like her parents, but a smaller, much cuter package! Mia is just over a year old and a bundle of energy. She gave me a run for my money! The little alarm clock woke up every morning by 5:30am and was ready to hit the ground "crawling." We spent the first couple of hours playing with toys, fetch with Mattie, reading the same Jingle Bells book or singing the Itsy Bitsy Spider. Following breakfast and a quick nap, we usually went out to run errands or some Christmas shopping. She is very entertained as long as there is lots to see and touch. We would come back, eat lunch and if I was lucky, take an afternoon nap. I became very productive with the one hour during the day I had by myself. After nap, more play, reading the same book, more fetch with Mattie, snooping around the house and eventually a bath. Bath time was by far the most enjoyable part of the day. She loves the water, entertains herself and just makes me laugh! After dinner and more play, she was usually worn out and practically begging to go to bed! She was easy to tug along anywhere we went and I enjoyed having a little one with us. With that said, Justin and I have reinforced our thought that we should wait a while longer before we have our own! Until then, we will just keep Mia and pretend she is our own.

Congrats Brian & Brittany Kelley!

My cousin Brian got married!!! The whole family came together for the last wedding on the Woodward side. Grammy and DD came in from Mexico and my parents came from Knoxville to meet us in Fort Worth for three days of celebration and play. Debbie, as usual, was an amazing host and threw the most gorgeous rehearsal dinner I've ever been to at the golf club. Family weddings are so much fun because you know most of the people there. We stayed with Anne and Carl on Thursday (Thanks!) and then moved to the hotel where the rest of the family was for the weekend. Amy and Mia even flew in on Saturday for Brian's big night. Here are a few pics from the weekend. Thanks Debbie for your great planning and hospitality!