Sunday, January 15, 2012

McCoy girls CONQUER Cancun!

I will walk you through our Cancun trip by pictures...
The place we stayed at was amazing. Live Aqua. We will definitely be going back.
View from our balcony
We felt very safe shopping...and we had the entire mall almost completely to ourselves! We all got "fedoras"...
The pools were amazing. Weather was perfect.
Bloody Mary Bar...
I wouldn't last on Survivor because this was as far as I could go climbing a coconut tree.
I know you can't see this. BUT we each got to release two baby turtles to the ocean. They were so so so cute and tiny. We weren't allow to flash in their face, so I didn't actually get a picture.

The food was outstanding. Best food I've actually ever had in Mexico. That says a lot.
We got lots of time in the sun...
The Colt's sponsors were staying at the hotel, so Blue and his friends were around.
There were two parrots that lived freely at the hotel. There was one that was very friendly and would fly across the property...even to the pool!
We took a catamaran out!
We enjoyed a wonderful show & dinner on the beach.
We played lots of cards...and late night snacks.
No pictures were taken, but we spent several hours at the spa...what the hotel is known for. Great trip to getaway with just the McCoys girls. Relax and enjoy before the wedding planning got too serious!